Every Thriving

Knows the Secrets

to Attracting Abundance

It's time for you to discover them too!

PLUS: Earn 3 CEUs from Yoga Alliance

Every Thriving

Knows the Secrets

to Attracting Abundance

It's time for you to discover them too!

PLUS: Earn 3 CEUs from Yoga Alliance

TRAINING for Yoga Teachers

Every Thriving Yoga Teacher Knows the Secrets to Attracting Abundance

PLUS: Earn Continuing Education Units From The Yoga Alliance!

The ADVANCED Customer Acquisition System

How to Generate 235,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads

FREE BONUS: The 24-step framework I use to teach marketing

The ADVANCED Customer Acquisition System

How to Generate 235,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads

FREE BONUS: The 24-step framework I use to teach marketing

 PLUS: Earn Continuing Education Units from the Yoga Alliance!

Are you struggling to

Find a reliable source of income that also allows you to have your freedom

Enjoy time with your family & friends



Take care of yourself & your loved ones


I'm going to show you

How To Increase Your Traffic For Free

The Little Known Secret For Conversion

How To Generate ROI From Social Media

A Simple Strategy For Doubling Your Sales

Do you know how you can make more money as a yoga teacher without compromising your values?

Are you having trouble

and finding your voice as a yoga teacher?

Do you struggle with impostor syndrome?

Do you want to be a confident and empowered leader and healer, as well as an abundant yoga teacher?

Are you struggling to

with your yoga business?

You’ve taken your 200-hour yoga teacher training, you are teaching yoga classes in studios or gyms, but you’re just not sure about the next steps to growing beyond this stage… building a yoga-inspired career, not just being a yoga employee.

You’ve taken the yoga teacher trainings and workshops, and maybe even some business trainings. 

You’ve watched countless YouTube videos, listened to dozens of inspirational podcasts, and read books… 

But you still find yourself feeling stuck, uninspired, unmotivated, blocked, and frustrated when it comes to growing your business and making more money.

Start receiving greater income as a yoga teacher.


The average pay for a yoga instructor is $34,888 per year (according to

In most countries, that is not enough to live on, let alone to THRIVE on! 


They’re providing an amazing service to their students and clients, helping people to live better lives and be healthier. 

But at the end of the day, most yoga teachers do not think of themselves as a business.  

Teaching yoga is a job or a hobby. Or it’s a deep passion fueled by the heart. 


Mixing money with yoga can seem like a big ‘no-no’ (it did for me for many years until I rebuilt my relationship with money)...

And that is because 99% of yoga teacher trainings do not cover the necessary aspects of growing a yoga business in our modern world. 


There’s a lot more to being a yoga teacher, especially a yoga teacher who THRIVES, than learning how to teach asanas in a studio.

Are You Ready To

Release your stress, worries & blocks

Release whatever is holding you back from truly opening to receive the abundance you deserve

Finally let go of your money worries and start attracting more with ease and receptivity

Magnetize new opportunities and alignment into your yoga business without stress and overwhelm

Make a greater impact with your students and in the world while also making more money

Create a heart-based yoga business without frustration

Start releasing your blocks around money and abundance.

Good news: You can THRIVE!

  • You can create an abundant and beautiful yoga career and business once you learn how to reset your money mindset. 
  • You can thrive as a yoga teacher and I will teach you the exact tools I used to go from being broke and living with my parents, feeling resistant to charge and receive money for my services, to building a six-figure yoga business.
  • You can build a yoga business that gives you the financial freedom that you desire (and deserve!) and I will give you the proven step-by-step process that I used to go from being too busy and burnt out, to tripling my income in less than one year (while actually teaching FEWER classes!).

Sheer joy as a new yoga teacher (but also broke!)

I am a yoga teacher in Los Angeles, registered as an E-RYT 500, a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), a Certified Health Coach, and a Yoga Teacher Trainer.

I host yearly yoga retreats around the world and I’m a business coach and mentor for yoga teachers and wellness professionals.

As seen on:

As seen on:

and living with my parents!

I took my Yoga Teacher Training, and when I came home, I felt sheer joy in having the opportunity to lead a yoga class.

I was so excited to be a yoga teacher and to start sharing this gift with the world.

I would teach anywhere and to anyone.

I started teaching yoga for free to my family and friends.

I assumed my only option was to teach yoga at gyms and studios.

For years, I taught wherever I would get hired.

Money was my furthest concern... or at least, it seemed like it was... but deep down, there was a huge disconnect.

I barely made enough money to support myself.

In fact, in my mid-20s, I had to move back home with my parents because I couldn’t afford to keep living in New York City despite teaching yoga at prime times at top yoga studios.

and frustrated.

I contemplated getting a ‘regular job’ in order to ease my stress.

Another part of me was very resistant to charging money for yoga and making money in general.

I was split between my spiritual path and my practical needs and desires.

My subconscious was also hoarding tons of shame and an underlying belief system that I did not deserve abundance.

I wasn’t making progress as a yoga teacher, and I started to get discouraged.

I even considered becoming a monk and moving to a monastery in Japan.

I know it probably sounds crazy...

But for a while, I felt like that would be the best way to be true to myself and my spiritual practice, without having to deal with the real-world life and grown-up things like having enough money to pay rent. It felt like a safe way to live a simple life, avoid stress and stay on the yogic path.

Ultimately, I realized...

If I decided to follow this path, I wouldn't be able to serve anyone.

I felt a deeper calling in my soul that told me I must bring my teachings into society.

Into the world.

If I moved to the monastery, I would be withholding my wisdom from others.

The other option I considered was to move to LA to create a career as a yoga teacher.

I’m guessing you can assume the path I ended up choosing…

Instead of hiding out in a cave, I chose to follow my dharma and make LA my ashram.

Want financial and lifestyle freedom as a yoga teacher?

Hint: First, release your money blocks!

Once I learned that...

1) I had resistance and blocks toward earning money, and

2) how to release those blocks

I started to THRIVE as a yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching public and private yoga classes for over a decade now and I’ve learned a lot in that time.

release Your outdated belief systems

The lessons have allowed me to enjoy a few things

  • Teaching VIP private yoga classes to celebrity and high-end clientele in Los Angeles 
  • Hosting sold out retreats and teacher trainings all over the world, in places like Bali and Costa Rica, which also means I can travel, visit, and enjoy these amazing places (and get paid to do it!) 
  • Getting myself out of nearly $10,000 in debt through teaching yoga and building my yoga business
  • ​Living in one of the most beautiful (and expensive!) parts of the country—Venice Beach, California
  • Owning and driving a Mercedes, when I used to only own and ride a bicycle around town 
  • ​Feeling like an empowered and confident leader, after feeling shy and timid most of my life
  • But more than anything, just not worrying about money or being uncomfortable about earning the money that I deserve as a yoga teacher. I've finally learned to say YES to myself. YES to life. YES to magic.

Before you can live your true life as a yoga teacher, health coach, healer, helper of the world, you must...

First take care of yourself

Release your resistance to earning money

Let go of the negativity that surrounds your ideas of what money is

Start attracting what you deserve

For the past 6 years, I have been coaching & teaching yoga teachers

Listen to what people say after going through my Mindful Money Reset course

"I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for your Mindful Money Reset program. It truly changed my perspective not only on money, but on my yoga business. Within a month of completing your program, I received two new private yoga opportunities that paid even more than I had asked for (hello, Lakshmi raining down more abundance 🙏)."


"I just wanted to give you a huge thank you for your Mindful Money Reset program. It truly changed my perspective not only on money, but on my yoga business. Within a month of completing your program, I received two new private yoga opportunities that paid even more than I had asked for (hello, Lakshmi raining down more abundance 🙏)."


"I also would like to say thank you for all your posts and shares. I did your Mindful Money Reset for yoga teachers and after a few months of struggling (I started teaching in October) last month month was the first one when I was able to pay all my bills just thanks teaching yoga. It really, really, really change my point of view on the world. Thank you! Love you!"


These are the kinds of results that clients and students of mine have been able to achieve when they choose to say goodbye to their money blocks:

​Natalie landed a corporate yoga gig within a month of taking my course (charging her worth!) and she now teaches 1-2 hours of yoga a day and started her personal corporate wellness business with the time and money she's made.

​Orlee was able to become aware of her feelings and desires about her business, her inner goodness, and her capabilities to make her yoga business grow. She said: "Shayna really inspires you to embody confidence because she points you to the truth of who you already are," and she has the confidence to reach out and stop sitting and waiting for the Universe to bring people to her. She now has two to three private yoga clients several times per week at $80 per session.

And a WHOLE bunch more stories just like this!

How To Attract The Income You Deserve

The Mindful Money Reset for Yoga Teachers

If you’d like me to help you get results like these clients of mine have gotten, to help you release the money blocks that you may be carrying subconsciously, and start earning what you deserve as a yoga teacher, here’s what I have for you today…

It’s called The Mindful Money Reset for Yoga Teachers and it’s an online training program where I will take you through my proven three-step process to release money blocks, create more ease around your finances, and attract the income you deserve.

Plus, The Mindful Money Reset for Yoga Teachers course is accredited through the Yoga Alliance for 3 Continuing Education Units!

I have poured my heart and soul into this course because I know in my heart it will have SO much value to yoga teachers who desire to unblock their earning potential, and really, for the value that's included in this course, I could easily be charging at least $500.

But I want to help you live the life that you desire, so I am only charging $88 for this amazing course!

inside The Mindful Money Reset training

Here’s a little sneak peek into what’s waiting for you

Do you think you need to run from studio to studio and teach MORE in order to succeed as a yoga teacher? Wrong! I’ll show you how to reset your success mindset so you can build your yoga business without burnout.

​I will show you the exact tools I’ve used to shift my mindset from scarcity to prosperity in order to build my thriving six-figure yoga business.

Why it's crucial to stop worrying about money and start focusing on how you wish to feel when you’re living the life you desire doing what you love and helping people grow and heal as a yoga teacher.

Identify what your money blocks are with my Money Block Assessment Quiz, helping you to bring awareness to why you aren’t earning what you deserve and learning how to let that go.

A four-part video training, along with worksheets, exercises, and journal prompts to really help you internalize what you’re learning from the trainings and help you to start taking action toward building your yoga business.


Guided Gratitude Meditation video that you can use again and again to invoke the healing power of thankfulness and set your mind and heart in the direction of expansion. Gratitude is the catalyst for attracting more of what you desire.


Lakshmi chant and meditation audio recording to awaken heart-centered abundance of all kinds. By chanting this sacred mantra and harnessing your awareness on your desires, this meditation practice will awaken new opportunities and growth, as well as bestow good health and peace of mind.


Earn 3 CEUs from Yoga Alliance from taking this training!



30-day money-back guarantee

I want you to be able to make this purchase with absolutely ZERO risk.

So, if you buy The Mindful Money Reset for Yoga Teachers training and for whatever reason you aren’t pleased with it within the next 30 days all you have to do is contact us by filling out my Support form and I’ll refund every penny zero questions asked.

Sound magical to you?

If so then it’s time to decide whether or not you’ll spend the $88 and invest in building your yoga business with The Mindful Money Reset training.

Click below to buy and start earning what you deserve!

(a $500 value!)

I want you to have access to this amazing, life-changing training. I want you to start releasing your money blocks and attracting the income that you desire as a yoga teacher.

That’s why I’m willing to part with this information for just $88.

Really, it's worth MUCH more than that... It is AT LEAST a $500 value! But, I want to share this knowledge with you that I've gained in my 10+ years of experience.

If that sounds fair to you, then all you need to do is click the button to purchase and instantly access The Mindful Money Reset for Yoga Teachers!

Yes, I want Gary to show me how to grow my business!

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